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# 안전놀이터 2022/05/10 午後7:02 안전놀이터 His batting average dropped to .169. It is less than Justin Boer's batting average of .17%, who failed to play in the postseason amid sluggishness in the second half of last season. LG won 12 games with the victory

# 메이저사이트 2022/05/10 午後7:02 메이저사이트 He is 59th in batting average among 60 batters in 10 teams who filled the regulation at-bats until the 24th. Kiwoom Heroes' Song Sung-moon is the only batter lower than Ruiz. In other words, he has the lowest

# 먹튀검증 2022/05/10 午後7:03 먹튀검증 It is true that the ball does not feel like it is hit by a regular hit, so the worry is bigger than expected. When you hit it, you can't see the ball that you hit properly. It's not a regular hit, so I don't feel like I'm putting

# 먹튀검증 2022/05/10 午後7:03 먹튀검증 Although Lotte Giants DJ Peters is a 10 percent batter with Ruiz with a batting average of .192, Peters is in a better situation than Ruiz because he has recently hit a home run and is gradually adapting to the KBO

# 안전놀이터 2022/05/10 午後7:03 안전놀이터 LG has been making a new lineup of No. 1 Park Hae-min and No. 3 Hong Chang-ki since the match against Doosan on the 22nd. The first reason LG's batting line was Ruiz's sluggishness. Initially, he was expected

# 안전놀이터 2022/05/10 午後7:03 안전놀이터 LG's batting, which seemed to break out in the beginning, recently took a downward trend, which led to a series of losses as it was linked to a sluggish starting lineup. If foreign players do not explode, it will be

# 먹튀검증커뮤니티 2022/05/10 午後7:03 먹튀검증커뮤니티 Lee Jung-hoo, who took off the label of "Lee Jong-beom's son" in front of him with a batting average of .300 since his first season in 2017, set one goal ahead of the 2021 season. His batting accuracy had already

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<a href="">먹튀검증커뮤니티</a> Lee Jung-hoo said, "I think I've approached him wrong since the camp while preparing for the 2021 season. "I've been doing it since camp to hit more home runs, but I had a hard time finding a balance at the<br>

# 안전놀이터 2022/06/01 午前5:53 안전놀이터 Also, among them, Ji Eun-hee is the only one who has won the championship, and the rest of the players are aiming for their first win in their lives. Ji Eun-hee will play the semifinals against Andrea

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